How to Harvest Turkey Berry Seeds

To harvest turkey berry seeds you will need to gently crush the turkey berry. It is easier when the turkey berries are a little softer but more harder if they are tender.

After crushing your berries, pour the crushed berries into a bowl. Add water to the crushed turkey berries. Use a colander to strain the solution in order to sieve the turkey berry seeds.

The colander should have pores or holes big enough to allow the turkey berry seeds to pass through but trap the turkey berry flesh.

If the turkey berries were not well crushed during the first time, reapply some friction to what the sieve retained, add some water, and re-sieve.

Use clothe that can allow water to drain but retain the turkey berry seeds so you can have the harvested seeds that will be dried.

Spread the seeds on a flat surface and turn or disturb it after every 30mins to prevent the seeds from sticking onto the surface on which they are being dried.

How to Store Turkey Berry Seeds.

After harvesting your turkey berry seeds in the steps above and ensuring they are well dried, pour the seeds into dry and airtight containers (jar or plastic bags) After, put the container(s) in in a cool dry place, away from sunshine until you are ready to use your seeds.

FAQs About Turkey Berry Seeds

Q. Why to buy turkey berry seeds

A.You can get turkey berry seeds from your local agric shop if you are in a climate where turkey berries grow well. If you can’t find some there, you can buy them online from or

Q. How long can turkey berry seeds last?

A. 2 years if you store them well.

Q. Can you use a blender to crush your turkey berries in the process to harvest its seeds?

A. It depends. Some blades of blenders in the process of rotating produce heat that might end up semi cooking the seeds making them less viable.

Q. How to tell if turkey berry seeds bought are viable for planting?

A. If the seeds are store bought, check the label for the best before date. This does not guarantee a 100% viability. During time of planting, you can conduct further test by soaking your seeds in water. Viable seeds after a few seconds when they are well soaked should rest at the bottom of the bowl.

Seeds floating is a sign that those seeds are not viable. Again, with everything, you can’t be 100% sure of have a perfect germination of your seeds though it can but rarely.

Q. Should turkey berry seeds be planted directly in the ground or started in seed tray and transplanted later

A. Start your seeds in seed starting trays. When your seeds germinate and grow to about 4-6 inches tall, then transplant them to their final resting place.

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